Quick Pinterest Tips for the Small Business Owner Part 1

Quick Pinterest Tips for the Small Business Owner Part 1

pinterest-pinboard-600 Pinterest now has 70 million users, are you one of them?  If not, here’s why you should; the Pinterest Pin it button is on more retailer’s sites that than the Facebook Like button. Pinterest is definitely here to stay and a force to be reckoned with and utilized to sell your product, your service, etc.

If you think about it, Pinterest IS best for product based businesses. Users look up a product, like a kitchen table, tons of pins come up, they find one they like, the posts might even include a price on it and by clicking on the image it takes them right to the business webpage where they can order it. In fact, pins with price tags included get 36% more likes than those that don’t.

More and more users are signing up daily on Pinterest. The average user is female and on average spends about an hour on the website.

Let’s get going with some basic tips.

1. Set up a business account. Join as a business if you plan to use it to sell products. If you already have an account that you’ve been using for your business but isn’t defined as a business on Pinterest, you can convert it as well.

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2. Determine if your website is pinnable. Do you have any pictures/images to pin? If not, get some.

3. Get the Pinterest Pin-it button on your website, or the a Follow button or Board Widget. One benefit of getting a Board Widget on your website is you can entice people to follow your boards from your website.


4.  Get to know your audience. Who are you pinning for? Who is your typical customer? client? It’s very easy to get caught up pinning and next thing you know you’re pinning ideas for your backyard come summer. Go back to the basics. Create boards that reflect your business or that will appeal to your target market. Your pins shouldn’t all be promotional but you want to create value so that others will be interested in following your and your boards.

5.  Keep pinning. Keep growing your pins and boards. Don’t do a bunch one day and nothing for a few weeks. Set reminders to spend 15-20 minutes 3 x a week dedicated to pinning for your business.

6. Get your website verified. When you verify your website with Pinterest, then you are telling Pinterest that you own that website and they place a check mark next to your website address in your profile to let others know you’ve been verified. Another benefit of getting your website verified is that you will get access to Pinterest analytics which can be helpful to tracking and understanding which images and pins are have the most impact.

In the next section topics that will be covered will include basics like how to upload a pin, what’s with the exploring interest and how to use it to your business benefit, and add a map? What does that mean?

If you’re new to Pinterest and this post spurred you to create a business account let me know. Comment below!

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