How It Works

Getting Started Social Media Virtual Assistance

For our virtual assistant pre-paid packages,  we’ll first want to do a consultation so we can chat about your business or the type of work you do and about your service needs. We’ll go over the services we offer and what specialized skills we bring to the table that might be helpful to you. Most of all we’ll get a chance to get a feel for if we might be compatible for working together.

It will be a good time for you to ask questions and if you have not worked with a Virtual Assistant before, then we will go over how things work and cover some of our basic business policies.

If we decide we would like to move forward, here is where we go next:

  • We can put together a proposal or strategy for you covering what you would like help with and how we would go about helping you. If you would like, we can give an estimate of how much time per month would be needed to achieve or complete the tasks you would like help with. If you are working within a specific budget and have a set number of hours in mind, we can provide you with an idea of how much we can complete for you during that time.
  • Once we’ve decided to move forward with working together, we will put together a service agreement for you to review and sign. The service agreement will outline the details of what types of work you’d like done, our business policies and the basics for how we work. We ask that the hourly packages be paid in advance.
  • We’ll set a date to get started!