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I’m pleased to announce that JK Virtual Office Resources now has an “official” Business Fan Page on Facebook. As a virtual assistant who specializes in social media and internet marketing, it makes perfect sense for me to have a Business Fan Page for the following reasons:

  • I can keep my personal profile separate from my business profile.
  • I can have a targeted group (fans) of people who are interested in my business and who want to receive updates regarding my business. I’ve essentially created a space where I can develop relationships with potential customers and have a “conversation” with them. I’ve made my business accessible to a whole population of people who I might not otherwise ever interact with.
  • Increased visibility- I am able to post a link to my fan page from other social media sites, from my own website and from anywhere else I might be able to post a link. I’ve also made it easier for my friends on Facebook to find a place that explains exactly what it is that I do and what my business offers. Also, I’ve created an alternative to my website to advertise my business for potential customers who may do a search for virtual assistants or social media marketing on Facebook instead of Google. I can post notes or other relevant information on that page and it is immediately sent to my fan’s homepages. If they post back on my page, then all of their friends will see that on their homepage. That’s viral marketing at it’s best.
  • Anyone can join or see my information without having to first send a Friend request that has to be approved. The Business Fan Page removes this barrier and allows people see your information much more easily.
  • I’ve created yet another back link to my website which can help with search engine rankings.
  • Facebook provide daily statistics/analytics such as the number of page views and unique visitors to your fan page. This provides you with good quantitative data about how often people are visiting and viewing your page.
  • It’s free. Creating a business page on this highly visible social networking site is completely free and takes only a little bit of time and finesse to set up and it’s totally free. Who doesn’t love free?

Take a look at my fan page and I’d love it even more if you became a fan. I’ll be posting links and other social media information there that will be relevant to the small business owner or solo entrepreneur. If you don’t already have your own Business Fan Page, shoot me an email (or a message through Facebook) and we can talk about how I can assist you with setting up, maintaining and marketing your Facebook Business page.

How have you used Facebook for your business?

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  1. I recently set up my facebook business page too! And I just marked your business page as a favorite of my fan page!

    I love your logo and buttons on your site, with the typewriter key look – really great!

  2. Hi Laurie,
    I’m glad to hear you also set up a Fan Page. I’ll have to check it out. And thanks for bookmarking my fan page.

    I appreciate your comments on my site. More great work by Brianna!

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