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Little goldfish in water wearing shark fin to scare predatorsAs your Social Media Virtual Assistant, we can help you navigate the waters of using social media for your business and online networking. Here are some of the tasks a Social Media Virtual Assistant can help you with:

  • Create an overall social media strategy specific to your business and market to increase your online visibility, brand recognition and your networking opportunities.
  • Assist with setting up social networking profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, niche specific forums and other sites.
  • Maintain profiles such as approve friend requests, post or refresh content, determine best of course of action for direct messages sent to your accounts.
  • Help set up systems for social network updates.
  • Upload blog posts, find relevant graphics or photos to go with posts, moderate comments.
  • Online reputation management using a variety of social media search tools to ensure that you are immediately aware of either positive or negative comments about you or your brand.
  • Research what others in your industry are doing online and in social media.
  • Manage e-newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns including researching content and graphics for e-newsletters. Segmenting email lists according to demographics and client characteristics for the most effective using of your campaign. Track campaign statistics.
  • Research industry blogs and set up feeds in a reader for easy organization and tracking.
  • Upload video content and track viewer statistics.

A Social Media Virtual Assistant does not impersonate you online, the authenticity remains yours. Instead we assist you with maintaining your presence online- the content and direction come from you and reflect your original ideas, content and personality.

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Participation in social media is about more than just written content. Social networking includes using video, photos and images to create an additional avenue of connection with others. People love to comment on shared photos or video with a message. Images create that emotional tie to the other content. However, as you probably already know, locating, editing and managing digital content can be very time consuming. There’s a method to the madness of uploading digital content related to your social networking and wouldn’t you rather leave that madness to a skilled Digital Content Manager.

Imagine this, you send the photos and here’s what happens to them: Edited or cropped if needed, set at the correct resolution for uploading to a variety of different social networking platforms, titles, tags and links are added and the newly edited and organized photos are cleanly uploaded to your social networking acccount. Further, a Digital Content Manager will help you keep track of where your digital content resides including links, passwords, and dates they were released.

How Do You Benefit?

  • More Time to work on the parts of your business that you are truly passionate about.
  • More Money as you focus on the income producing activities of your business.
  • More Visibility through online networking and marketing + joint venture or partnership opportunities that can result from social networking.
  • Peace of Mind in knowing that you’re staying on top of your social networking and digital content easily and effectively.
  • A Partner in Your Success– We are constantly keeping current on the latest social media buzz and how it is being used for businesses and as your Social Media Assistant, we will be able to continually help optimize and strategize your social media and online networking efforts as they relate to your business and your target industry.

See a full list of services offered HERE.

The bottom line is that JK Virtual Office Resources can help you become a social media Rock Star.  As your Social Media Virtual Assistant and Digital Content Manager, we are the superstar (and convenient) option to gaining more time in your day, increasing your online visibility, connecting with your target audience and ensuring your online brand and reputation are stellar! Contact us today to set up your FREE consultation.

Only need to have your social media accounts updated on a regular basis to stay connected with your followers? Consider our Social Media Maintenance Packages.

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